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Yesterday I was invited to the Sony Culver lot to look at the Sony f55 Cine Alta 4k camera . I have been researching different cameras for a project that starts in a few weeks. I really wanted to see this camera up close because I am a big fan of the Sony f65.

THE PROS-     The camera is light, somewhere between an Epic and an Alexa. It has a really good modular system where accessories like the RAW recorder deck just snap on nicely without adding mass and clutter. Batteries are best in their class. The new viewfinder is brilliant, best I have ever seen on any camera. It can record raw and another codex of your choosing at the same time which could be cool. Ton of different formats and codex to choose from

sony f55

The Sony Cine Alta F55

THE CONS-     So many of the great features on this camera like higher frame rates , are not available at this time. they will come with an upgrade supposedly coming this summer. that does me no good at all right now. As it stands now the F55 will only go 60fps at all the codex’s except RAW. Raw recording at this point is limited to 30fps. the RAW recorder module has its own fan, and it will run when it thinks it needs too. So that means we have a fan for the camera body, and one for the raw recorder. to me that doubles the chances of a fan killing a sound take. When you shoot raw, the camera only has 3 color temp presets, and thats it. No other choices. too me thats very limiting. The color temp is also baked into the RAW file, which still needs further explaining, and i didn’t quite understand that concept . The menu system is way too deep and overly confusing. For example when shooting in RAW, if I want to quickly switch to a LOG profile to look at, its like 10 menu’s away. Crazy

sony f55

sony f55’s smart side controls.

I really look forward  to seeing this camera again after the critical firmware updates. At this point in time its a really nice camera for limited execution. Hopefully after the promised updates , this camera will  be one that everyone will want to get their hand on.


SONY’S CINE ALTA F55 (Up close)


I have a project coming up that im super stoked on that we want to shoot in 4k for many reasons. I have shot with the Red Epic and the Arri Alexa”s and am a huge fan of both cameras. Tomorrow I am going to Sony, Culver city for a 1 on 1 with the F55. Im really excited about the low light performance and the global shutter. The camera’s specs speak for themselves. Now its time to get a closer look.