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ultraCage-d810-1While shooting Dream Park, (short Nikon Promo film for the d810) I got my hands on RedRock Micro’s ultra cages. Hands down the best rigs I have ever used with DSLR’s. THEY ROCK. So well made, right here in the USA by the way. the configurable options were endless. So customizable to any situation. What a great company!


I fell in love with the Micro Remote follow focus system.  the thumb wheel is genius and really intuitive.


All of RedRock Micro’s gear just has that super solid feel. the gear is really well thought out. I LOVE IT!ultraCage-d810-2  

Nothing like the smell of burning rubber (above)



We had so much fun making Dream Park for Nikon. Sandro and I are so much more than collaborators, we are great friends. it was so great to shoot in Los Angeles, it seems that my work takes me further and further away from home, so it was great to be able to get my LA crew together for this great project. Sandro made these promo’s from the footage from DREAM PARK

Getting on the track at Irwindale , with the 2 best drifters in the US was such a treat. I do a lot of automotive, so I’m used to getting into tight spaces inside cars and filming. when I got in with Dai Yoshihara well that took handheld interior shooting to a whole different experience. While riding in the front Passenger seat which was on the left on this right hand drive race car, the centripetal force from the spinning was a challenge to keep the camera where i wanted too.

We shot the Ballet scene at a great old theater in LA.  There are so man great old theaters in Los Angeles. The city should help restore these Gems that are slowly fading away. They truly are historic architectural pieces of art. I got to finally work with the Defy G12 which adds so much production Value. Truly off the hook! Great ballet dancers like Priscilla Monnier, make ballet look so effortless. they look like gravity doesn’t  apply to them. When you are up close, and can hear how hard they are breathing, and the effort it really takes to make it look effortless, man they are truly world class athletes! Thank you Priscilla, it was amazing working with you!

Speaking of world-class athletes, Ben Grado, the lead diver for Cirque De Sollie, helped us out with our diving sequence. About a month after the release of dream park, we got some really shocking news. Sonny Miller, underwater cameraman, surf photographer extraordinaire passed away from an unexpected heart attack. The filming of this sequence was the first time i got to meet Sonny. I wa so impressed with him not just as a cameraman, but he had such an incredible vibe about him. He was an Icon in the surf community, he will be greatly missed.

Team Nikon did a great job making the BTS for Joyride. A big Thank you to Nikon USA for letting me be a part of the D810 Launch video. A great camera and big improvement over the d800 for video peeps